The purpose of „katsugen undo“

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Haruchika Noguchi „Order, body, spontaniety“

The purpose of „katsugen undo“ is to order our bodies properly, to put them in a state of Seitai. Ordering the body properly is essential not only for health; it is the precondition for various activities,… Everything begins from a properly ordered body.

Having a properly ordered body is the prerequisite for any activity. If you cannot run straight, you cannot run well; if your pelvic region is stiff, you cannot swing a golf club properly. So ordering your body is beneficial not only for your health.

Because „katsugen undo“ makes giving birth easy, some people suppose that this is the main reason for doing it. But what „katsugen undo“ does is put the unconscious move-ments of the body in order, and adjust those parts of the body that you cannot move volontarily. It is not espescially a method to make giving birth less painful, it is simply that when the body is in good order, childbirth becomes natural and easy.

Recently, even in curing sickness, this concept of first setting our bodies in good order is being applied.

If you have learnt how to let your body order itself, you can adjust your body to conditions abroad. There is nothing to worry about. This capacity of the body to balance itself is in us all, and unless the body is badly imbalanced, sickness helps you to get the disordered parts in your body into balance.

The same is true of Seitai: if you want to put your body in order, you must do it yourself. It is wrong to want other people to regulate your body for you. The principle of Seitai is that you yourself should be resposible for putting your body in order, but people make the mistake of expecting someone else to do it for them.

Some people have the illusion that they need help from someone else to order their bodies, or, even worse, insist that their bodies should be treated by someone else; „That‘s what professionals are for,“ they say. But if you have an itch, only you know how much it is itching and when to stop scratching. If you scratch someone else‘s back for them, though, you can not tell how long you should keep it up or how hard you should do it: you do not even know exactly where the other person‘s itch is.

But since most people have not used their extra-pyramidal tracts for a long time, there are those whose bodies have become completely insensitive, as well as other people who cannot relax totally. They cannot empty their minds, because they are worried that other people may be looking at them, or that someone may be laughing at them, or that the piece of cake they left in the refrigerator may be eaten by someone else.

Since „katsugen undo“ occurs naturally, anyone can experience it by tensing his body as much as possible and then suddenly relaxing. Releasing the tension empties the mind, and when the mind is blank „katsugen undo“ occurs. People who can relax and empty their minds are fortunate.


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